The Caldar system is a single-star system located in Sector 713 of the Beta Quadrant in the Federation Outreach Zone. It contains seven planets, two of which are natively inhabited By the Symian (Olivia) and the Orcans (Lowell). The system is adjacent to the Samuel Nebula on the Rim-ward side of the system.

The Caldar System is the home of Star Base 60 , one of the furthest Star Bases in the Federation.


  • Caldar - G8V

Major BodiesEdit

  • Caldar I (Nariko) - D
  • Caldar II (Olivia) - M
    • Calder II-A (Wilde)
    • Caldar II- B (Munn)
  • Caldar III (Lowell) - P
    • Caldar III-A (Percival)
    • Caldar III-B (Richard)
    • Caldar III-C (Ava)
  • Caldar IV (Una) - J
    • Caldar IV-A (Dos) - C
  • Caldar V (Quientin) - J
  • Caldar A (Morrigan's Ice Belt)
  • Calder VI/1 (Urania) - D
  • Caldar VI/2 (Fenris) - C

Dwarf planetsEdit


Star BasesEdit

  • Triton Base - Lowell
  • Star Base 60 - Morrigan's Ice Belt