The Klingon Defense Force, sometimes referred to as the Klingon Imperial Fleet or the Klingon Imperial Navy, is the military arm of the Klingon Empire.

Background Edit

The Defense Force was known to consist of two elements, the first of which is the Deep Space Fleet (DSF) which consists of the regular naval forces. The second military group is the Internal Security Force (ISF) which operated smaller ships whose duties include policing rules, border patrols, anti-piracy duties, safety & rescue and customs along with tariff regulations. Their duty also extends to watching over client or conquered worlds to ensure they do not rise up against the Empire. However, despite its duties, the ISF is inferior to the DSF in political, military and even social standing.

Though there exists the Klingon General Bureau that handles external intelligence operations; the two branches within the Defense Force operate their own intelligence branches which tends to cause duplication of work as well as political infighting.

The Galactic Research Unit serves as the external intelligence agency for the Deep Space Fleet while the Maximum Veracity Directorate serves a similar role for the Internal Security Force.

Fleets Edit

  • Gho'vaD Defense Fleet
  • Hegh yan Strike Fleet
  • Qabjech Exploratory Fleet
  • Qo'noS Home Fleet