The Kolob system is a Binary-star system located in Sector 712 of the Beta Quadrant. It contains six planets, one of which is natively inhabited by Hyrilians.

The Kolob system is also the main base of operations for the Seig Empire.


  • Kolob - G6V
  • Fera - K8V (Outer orbit)

Major BodiesEdit

  • Kolob I (Satcit) - B
  • Kolob II (Rodamorto) - A
  • Kolob III (Hyril) - M
    • Kolob III-A (K'nil) - D
    • Kolob III-B (Adlez) - D
  • Kolob IV (Gantochi) - J
    • Kolob IV-A (Verbluclair/Gaia) - M
  • Kolob A (Sosa's Belt)
  • Kolob V (Dogoji) - J
  • Kolob VI (Fosverd) - P
  • Fera

Dwarf planetsEdit

  • Kolob D1 (Hestia)


  • Kolob C-I (Brenin)

Star BasesEdit

  • Imperial Fleet Yards - (Gaia)

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