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Hunter is a trusting man but not naive. He expects under him to give only thier best and will not ask anything less of himself. He believe is leading by example and would never let regulations stand in the way of doing what is right. He will break any rule if it is required. He is Vulcan in the fact that he does not show fear or surprise in most situations. However, he has learn that a proper application of force can accomplish many things.

Strengths & Weaknesses Edit

  • He is extremly intelligent and adaptable. He does have anger issues
  • Speaks: Basic Federation (English), German, Vulcan, Klingon, Romulan, Orion

Ambitions Edit

To do what is best for those around him and to serve by making dishonourable Klingons pay.

Hobbies & Interests Edit

  • Martial Arts
  • Rugby
  • American Football
  • Technical Education
  • Military Tactics and Strategy

History Edit

Personal History Edit

Mark was born on Vulcan to a Functionary of Earths Ambassador to Vulcan. He grew up in a very Vulcan tradition. This has given him a very organized mind and he even intellectually combined the strenghts of the two cultures. He excelled in the Vulcan educational system, dispite his instructors expectations, and impress others with his inate athletisim. He had no desire to go into the Diplomatic Filed and decided to to put his abilities to use in Starfleet.

Mark was accepted like most Vulcan applicants at the top of his class. He did well in pilot training and did consider becoming a Helmsman but was draw to the more intellectually demanding aspect of Engineering. Upon graduation from the Academyhe was assigned to the USS Musashi as an Engineering Officer. During the aftermath of the final Borg conflict Hunter stepped up and took command of an assult Group this bought enough time for the Musashi to launch an assault that neutralized the Cube. For his actions the Commanding Officer mandated him to transfeer to Security.When the opportunity arrived he took an offer to go and become and Exchange Officer on the *Removed by FedSec*. The Experiance was something that he would not trade for anything. It was a harsh and yet refreshing honest experiance at the same time. When he returned he found he had been transfeered to the USS Excalibur as her Executive Officer. He served there for a few years with distinction.

He was recently assigned to Neral in order to help facilite thier relations with the UFP. During the Incident he acted upon the requirment to be the USS Hotspur's XO. It was during this that he and a select team of his beamed over and took possession of a Klingon vessel.

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