The Sehlesh system is a Singular-star system located in Sector 712 of the Beta Quadrant. It contains three planets, one of which is natively inhabited by the repto-mammilian Sehlesh.

The Sehlesh system is a client (occupied) world of the Seig Empire.


  • Sehlesha ('Second Home Light') - F8V

Major BodiesEdit

  • Sehlesh I (Hesshaa 'First World') - B
  • Sehlesh II (Sehlesh 'Second Home') - M
  • Sehlesh III (Krahaa 'Third World') - J

Sehlesh A (Frehaa 'Broken World')

Dwarf planetsEdit

  • Sehlesh D-I Hessfre ('First Broken')


  • Sehlesh C-I (Nehesshaa 'First Moving World')
  • Sehlesh C-II (Nesehahaa 'Second Moving World')
  • Sehlesh C-III (Nekrahaa 'Third Moving World')

Star BasesEdit

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