Personality & Traits Edit

Strengths & Weaknesses Edit

+ In combat Talon use special monocells in his talons he wears a custom a coller of his own decine that holds a standard federation com unit a pair of enevromtal shilds that can be used in combat for short derations and a universl translater and a vary short range tricorder progamed to react to his enviromnt. he has excipanal reflexes and secnens of smell and eye sight do to his predatoy natcher

- One of his weaknesses is the scent of human blood will send him in to a blood frenzy that makes hims revert to a primle state and act on instinc

Ambitions Edit

To be clan Leader

Hobbies & Interests Edit

talon is a born tenker and will spend hours when not on duty working combat tools and recerching ways to inprov any ship he is asined to. talon loves playing old earth flight games and reading earth sci-fi books were he has found most of his ideas for his tools and gear.

Personal History Edit

talon was born of an experamntal cluch of thata Histans he is the last of his cluch that were enggined to be smater and better suited for work in space and with humans.

Starfleet Records Edit

Service Record Edit

while in the acadmy talon showed a nack for flight ops. And was fast tracked in to flight school his flight scores should have led him to a ship of the line but while an ace at flying ships like the fames definat class he had problems when on ships that were not as nimble.

after being transferd 2 times to smaller ships he was picked to fly the stormbreaker were his skills were better utlized now his skills have landed him as the XO of the same ship.