The Vanir, also known as the Lost Tribe, are a group of Asgard in the Pegasus galaxy that live inside powerful and resilient battle suits.

Members of the Vanir are physiologically similar to the Asgard, as they were descended from the same race. Like their Ida cousins, the Vanir employ cloning as a means of propagating their race. However, the Vanir have two small implants placed on their bodies, one located above the right eye and another on the left chest. It is unknown what purpose these devices serve, although it may be related to their more advanced cloning techniques.

Like the Asgard of the Ida galaxy, the Vanir suffered the negative effects of generations of cloning and re-cloning themselves and sought means by which to stabilize their genetic structure. However, where the Ida Asgard were unwilling to engage in acts that risked other lives in that endeavor, the Vanir, consumed with the desire to survive, believed that the end justified the means. Their primary goal was survival, as they did not wish to end up like their distant cousins, which would result in the loss of a hundred thousand years of history.

With this objective, the Vanir began conducting experiments, similar to those conducted by Loki in the Milky Waygalaxy, on humans of the Pegasus galaxy, allowing them a level of success in stabilizing their genome and preventing extreme cellular degradation.

In order to survive on their Toxic planet in the Pegasus galaxy and fight off enemies, the Vanir made use of powered exoskeletons that served as life support as well as battle armor.

The Vanir saw the Ascended Asgard Ran as their one hope to continue their race. As Ran had Ascended before the degradation began, the Vanir believed that a combination of uncorrupted eggs and their damaged genetic material would allow them to create a new generation and continue their race. The Vanir Dis stated that they felt later generations could judge their immoral actions but they felt it necessary to ensure there would be later generations.