Personality Edit

General Overview Edit

His personality will evolve over time from something of a hermit into a sociable crew member as he gains some acceptance. If ever, that is.

Strengths & Weaknesses Edit


+Superior Strength


+Feeding/Gift of Life

-Severe social stigma

-Alien feeding Habits

Ambitions Edit

Surviving day-to-day is good enough for him.

Hobbies & Intrests Edit

  • Reverse-engineering alien technology
  • Collects spirits of all sorts

History Edit

Personal History Edit

Vlad was planet side when his Hive was lost during the Wraiths' war with the Replicators. As per an alliance of sorts struck with the SGC in the replicator conflict, he was rescued. Having lost any home and hierarchy to return to, he has remained with the SGC ever since.

His dietary needs being fairly specific, he was assigned to hostile frontier service under a form of 'don't ask, don't tell' policy governing his feeding habits, which were essentially written off as "that or bullets, so long as he takes down our enemies...". The social stigma of being a wraith took it's toll. COs and field commanders dreaded the idea of having the 'leech' assigned to their commands and units, competent a combat engineer tho he was.

Hive creatures being social in nature (tho the nature of the social interactions may vary greatly), he tried to make allies within the SGC, if friends were not exactly an option yet, but even that proved difficult. SGC staff eventually started referring to him as "Vlad", a derogatory joke in reference to the nature of Wraiths. He initially didn't much care for it as he did not see much of a use for names. A soldier is a soldier, whatever name you give it, is it not?

After a while he began owning the name, slowly beginning to realize that whenever he was "Vlad", he was not "it", "that" or "the leech". He was an individual recognized in his own right. He slowly began responding to it and eventually adopted it, signing documents with the name.

Service Record Edit

Wraith SCG Hostile frontier service